Nail Marbling Tutorial?

B is stopping by with some more nail polish tips.


Now that I successfully finished watching the first season of Suits (seriously addicted to that show!!) I decided to take some time and marble my nails. I am heading out to the O.A.R concert tomorrow night and thought I would attempt (key word) to marble my nails to match my outfit. The results were some what lack luster. But the silver and blue nails will match my outfit (win!).

As I mentioned in my previous post I had yet to master the art of nail marbling without getting polish all over my hands.  After my recent marbling attempt, it’s definitely still a work-in- process. The way marbling works (my sources were youtube videos) is you put lukewarm water in a Dixie cup, then drip nail polish into the water, create a design with a wooden nail stick, and skillfully dip your nail into your design.  I should’ve watched the youtube videos again, because I forgot a key step is after your finger has been dipped in the water, you use the stick to clear the excess polish away from your submerged nail to decrease the amount of polish that will end up on your hands. I definitely forgot this until I was half way done, oh how I wish I’d remembered. Another key step that I decided to forego was putting tape around my finger nail (so that you’re not stuck with polish all over your hands). Why did I decide to forgo this pivotal step? I was relatively certain that 1) I wouldn’t get that much polish on my hands and 2) it’s not that hard to take nail polish remover to my hands when I’m done.  My unskilled marbling abilities resulted in lots of polish ending up all over my fingers and my hands are still somewhat blue (see picture below) because the nail polish remover didn’t quite do the trick. Also, because I couldn’t exactly get a design down…none of my nails look remotely the same (which is really what is supposed to be the end result. Oh well!)

Marbled Nails

What I learned from my second foray into marbling is that I need to work on my design abilities and it’s probably a really good thing that even though my nails look like Monster might have taken a nail marker to my nails (a-la his artistic workings on the walls) and went crazy with it…I’m ok with having my nails look slightly disastrous.  I figure as long as I can rock my nails with a bit of confidence, who the hell cares if they’re not perfect?

I must say, however, that after my marbling experience, I’m slightly nervous to see how my gemstone nails are going to look. While not as messy, it definitely seems as though it is going to be a more time-consuming effort. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes! Until then, here’s a pic of my left hand (my right hand looks similar). Please ignore the slightly blueish look on my fingers. Still working on getting all that polish off…

Thanks, B, for guest posting today!


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