Growing Up

Lately, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of new discoveries or milestones Monster has reached that I can write about. Right now, I can’t think of any new skills or milestones he’s reached. This isn’t to say he’s not growing and learning – to the contrary, Monster is growing and learning every day. He’s refining his motor skills, getting better and better at climbing (much to my dismay), chatting up a storm, and (still) cutting his incisors (I think).

And he’s so pleasant! Not that he hasn’t always been, but I love watching his little face and seeing his expressions change throughout the day. From his super serious face while he tries to figure out how to screw and unscrew a cap on a bottle, to his ear-to-ear grin (including his daddy’s dimples) of pure joy when I’m pushing him around the house in the laundry basket.

Hmm…maybe i shouldn’t have gotten in here after all…

Found you! Haha

When it’s just Monster and I at home together, he’s very independent and I rarely end up holding him except when it’s close to nap time, or if he’s having a bad day and just wants to snuggle. When we’re with other people (even P), Monster likes to be held and carried around much more frequently. I don’t know why, but I’m confident it’s something he’ll outgrow. After all – he’s only 16 months old!

I love watching Monster grown-up and I’m so thankful I’m able to spend so much time with him. I also enjoy making predictions about Monster’s personality. Typically, P is the recipient of my wild guesses and predictions. But, since this blog is a virtual baby-book for my little Monster-man – I thought – why not share these predictions with you too, dear readers. (I know, it’s your lucky day and you didn’t even know it. 😉 )

In no particular order, here are my latest predictions about Monster’s personality traits:

  • Monster is smart, but he’s not a genius. (Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I do spend time worrying about this. Being a genius is a lot of responsibility. Plus, I’m not sure I can handle future 5-year-old Monster being better at math than me. I’m so looking forward to teaching him addition and subtraction! P, rightly, shakes his head at me when I bring up this concern.)
  • Monster has big emotions. This means he’ll experience both the ups and downs in life with more intensity. Hopefully, I’ll have enough wisdom to help him learn to handle his emotions so they don’t get the best of him. This may be a daunting task for someone whose siblings describe her as a “human robot” (rude, I know – but that’s what siblings are for, I suppose), however, I’ve read the entire “Anne of Green Gables” series multiple times. So currently, I feel adequately prepared for this task.
  • Monster will develop a very good mechanical aptitude. Lately, I’ve been having nightmares involving 8-year-old Monster disassembling every motor in our house. Luckily, in my dreams he always puts it back to together and there aren’t any leftover parts when he’s done. Hooray!
  • Monster’s got rhythm. He will be one the few white boys who can dance.
  • Monster is an extrovert. P and I are both introverts, so just thinking about having an extroverted child makes me tired, haha.
  • Monster is stubborn. Epic battles will be waged between me and Monster. Oh joy…


Ok, tell me I’m not the only one who does this! What personality traits do you think your little one will have? Or, if you did do this and your child(ren) are older now, were your predictions correct?


6 thoughts on “Growing Up

  1. Just let me know when your little extrovert needs therapy. I will definitely teach him to deal with his emotions. I am very trained for this….literally, haha

  2. I love these predictions! Would it be OK if I wrote some of my own as a blog post and linked back to this?

    (I will say one of mine – I think Alisdair will be an introvert like me instead of an extrovert like his dad. I remember taking those Meyers-Briggs tests and I’m completely I, and Ian is completely E. So I kind of feel like I must be winning on that point. ;))

    • Blog post is here!

      Despite our differences on introversion, Ian and I are actually pretty similar everywhere else – I am INFJ and he was ENTJ (IIRC…what other acronyms can I add here?). I was borderline F and he was borderline T. But I like being an introvert even in a society where introversion isn’t necessarily a prized personality trait. 🙂

  3. No, you are not the only who does this. I think since the moment my kids were born I was trying to figure out who they would most look like when they grew up and what personality traits they would get from me and which ones from Chris. Jake is Mr. Solo. Don’t touch him and don’t get to close to him. He likes his personal space. He is, though, very obedient, calm (unless you take his personal belongings), mellow, and goes with the flow. Like my sister says, you could tell Jake to stand on his head, and he would do it. It takes him a little bit to warm up to people, but he is super close to me, his mother : ) Connor on the other hand is Mr. Affection. He likes to give me “loves” every 5 minutes. He is all about the hugs. He is explosive with smiles and laughter and noise but is a bit of a cry baby if he doesn’t get his way. Both boys are extremely close to me and usually want no one but me. Young men after my own heart!

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