Life Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

One of the perks to being a parent is that when your child is small, you get to “relive” your childhood all in the name of “showing your child how to (fill in the blank).”

This week, I’ve gotten to play with sidewalk chalk AND play on a playground. All of course, for the noble purpose of showing Monster how it’s done. 😉

Turns out, Monster LOVES playgrounds – especially swings and slides.

Love his expression!

Scaling the wall

Made it!

Again! Again! To the top!


6 thoughts on “Life Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

  1. Robbie and Ben love playgrounds too. It is so true that when you have kids you relive being a kid yourself. I play with sidewalk chalk with the boys, slide down slides at the playground too and the list continues. Oh, and the pictures are great of all of you at the playground!

  2. YAY for being a kid again ! Yes, this is one part I love about being around little ones … and feeling like I’m a good artist , hahaha 🙂

    I love the pictures too. Good work capturing your time with Lucas as a little one!

    • Our neighbor is quite the resident artist – she makes amazing sidewalk chalk drawings – it almost makes me sad knowing they’ll be washed away by the rain!

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