Let’s Talk Nail Polish

Hello, hello! Lynn approached me about guest blogging on her site. After some hesitation on my part (what would a 20-something accountant whose life can be summed up with this website http://howshouldweaccountforme.tumblr.com/ write about that other people find interesting?) And after getting a bit of a push from Lynn (she gave me a few ideas on what I could possibly blog about) –here I am! But who am I, you ask? I’m B – Lynn’s sister and aunt to the ridiculously cute Monster.  What am I going to blog about? My sister suggested fashion/nail polish/trendy-things (I mean who do you think bought Monster those adorable white & blue loafers and his first pair of jeans?!) So, I’m going to start off my first post about nail polish.

I change my nail polish almost as often as I change my underwear (I hate chipped nails, so if they get chipped after I painted them the previous day, it comes off and a new paint goes on).  Needless to say – I’ve experimented over the years, which is why I find this new nail polish explosion to be pretty awesome.  Currently, the trend seems to be the more outrageous – the better – be it stripes, polka-dots, marbling, gem stones, the list goes on. I love the fact that nail polish can “make a statement” and is almost like an accessory – 10 year-old me was totally ahead of this new fashion fixation when  I thought I was being super cool by painting my nails different colors – clearly I missed my calling.

One of my favorite new trends is the marbled nails. However, I still have yet to master the art of not getting nail polish all over my hands, plus it’s pretty time-consuming (each nail gets dipped individually) so I haven’t experimented with this too much. I plan on tackling the gem-stone look before the summer ends (it also seems like it might take a wee bit longer than a regular paint job takes).  If you’re looking to mix up your nails a bit, but don’t want to go too extreme, there’s a simpler look I am also really into at the moment. This look involves painting all nails the same color, with the exception of the ring fingers. The ring fingers get painted either the same color plus a splash of sparkles or they get painted an entirely different, complementary, color (for the 4th this year, I painted all my nails blue and then my ring fingers silver – so festive, I know).

As I mentioned above, I plan on attempting the gem stone look sometime soon. When I do, I’ll be sure to post some pictures! Does anyone have a favorite new way to decorate their nails?

Monster and shoes – since he doesn’t wear nail polish 😉

Shoes on – success!


Thanks for guest posting for the day, B! Looks like i need to get some polish and start painting! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Nail Polish

    • I’ve never seen this site before – thanks for sharing! Looks like it has lots of good information. Since becoming pregnant with Monster, I’ve found myself reading the ingredient labels on everything and now i only purchase non-toxic nail polish – which is typically a little more expensive, but with how infrequently i paint my nails it doesn’t really matter…a bottle lasts forever. During all my research i even decided to not paint my nails while i was pregnant (which probably didn’t really make a difference…but i wasn’t going to risk it!) Now i just need to convince my sister to be diligent in checking the ingredients when making nail polish purchases… 🙂

      Oh geez – the bedspread dissolved! Acetone really is a great solvent…gets the stains out of everything! 😛

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