16 Months!

Has it really been a month already?!?! I know I say this all the time – but seriously, where is the time going???

Yesterday, Monster celebrated his 16 month birthday. He is continuing to grow and he learns new things everyday! He attempts to say most words – but he still hasn’t quite gotten two syllable words down yet. This month he learned to say “grill” but soon abandoned calling it that in favor of the easier to say “cook!” (at least he knows what it’s used for I guess…). He’s also started saying a couple two-word sentences – “all gone” and “hi dada”. We’ve also preliminarily begun potty training. Monster now has his own potty and he’s actually asked to use it a couple of times! I should probably get a book on potty training though, as it’s infrequent he asks to use it. Something for us to work on…

Monster is still fascinated by cars and vacuums – really anything with a motor. He also loves animals, but he’s still learning to be gentle with them. One of his favorite games right now is to practice putting caps on and off of bottles. He’s also getting more into books now, although he still doesn’t really want to have them read to him. He prefers to turn the pages himself and point out everything he can name. His favorite books right now are his “Baby Einstein First Words” book (which has lots of pictures he can identify) and his board book copy of “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See” that has a “slide and find” feature on it. Apparently “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” is a popular book for little boys because Monster can practically fill an entire book shelf with all the copies he has. Amazingly, they’re all different styles, so in that respect he doesn’t have any duplicates. If you’re in need of a copy though, we should talk. 😉

Monster still does not sleep through the night – I have a feeling it’ll be years before we get to that point. But he is getting more independent and loves to explore. He really tries to act grown-up – often insisting to drink out of a cup like a big person. He needs help doing this of course, and sometimes he gets too much water at once this way, but he doesn’t let that deter him. It’s so fun watching him try new things. His perseverance really is inspiring.

This past week, we got to spend a long weekend with P’s family. It was great seeing everyone! While we were there visiting, Monster’s great-grandma and great-grandpa got him a Cookie Monster donut. Somehow we kept forgetting to give it to Monster while we were there, but managed to make the trip back with us. Yesterday seemed like an appropriate day to give it to Monster, since it was his sort-of birthday.

Hmm – not bad…


Sugar before bed was a great idea, Mom!

Hehehe – there’s something on my face, isn’t there?


Happy 16 months, my wee little Monster-man! You truly are a blessing!


One thought on “16 Months!

  1. Connor loves the Baby Einstein series too. Chrissy just bought him this little carry “book case” that has twelve mini board books on all sorts of topics. Connor pulls each one out and points to everything and says, “Oh.” Jake loves Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

    Looks like monster enjoyed his treat!

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