Budding Artist?

So I mentioned recently that Monster isn’t quite ready to be using markers on his own. After our little test run earlier this week, I put the markers out of sight until he’s older. I couldn’t find a couple of the markers, but I didn’t worry about it as I assumed Monster put them in one of his hiddy-holes and they would show up sooner or later.

What I didn’t foresee was that Monster would be able to remove the caps from the marker by himself. And that they when they showed up, it would be with a vengeance.

While we were playing this morning, Monster wandered out of the living room and returned with an uncapped, green marker. When I offered him paper to draw on, he refused – instead preferring to use himself as his canvas. Since that didn’t go so well last time, I took the marker away from him and after very little fuss, we moved on to a new activity.

At nap time this morning, I discovered this little piece of artwork:

Apparently white sheets are too boring for Monster

Later, P noticed that Monster had tried his hand at some interior decorating as well:

At least he used a complimentary color?

Does this mean we have a budding artist or interior decorator on our hands? Either way, he’s definitely not going to be allowed to play with markers again for quite some time. Good thing they’re washable! 😉

Acting innocent


3 thoughts on “Budding Artist?

  1. Coleen drew all over the walls of her freshly painted bedroom-found out that Korkay cleaner took most of it off-iee-maybe Lukas has the gene too. dont know if you can get korkay cleaner anymore. at least theres no security deposit to concern yourselves with-ttfn

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