This Wasn’t in the Handbook…

This past weekend, P was vacuuming when our vacuum over-heated and shut-off. We bought it shortly after Monster was born, so it’s still pretty new for a vacuum. P emptied it out, checked the beater bar, etc. After 20 minutes he began to vacuum again, only to have the vacuum over-heat again. After more investigating, P declared the vacuum to be clogged with dirt/dust. He’s in the process of refurbishing an air compressor, so he promised he’d finish it soon and bring it home so he could use it to clean out the vacuum.

But I knew better than to think it was clogged with dirt and dust.

I’ve already written about Monster’s infatuation with the vacuum. What I haven’t told you is that Monster likes to disconnect the hose from the vacuum and “store” his treasures in the hard plastic tubing that the flexible hose connects to. When he’s not looking, I take remove these “treasures” from the vacuum.

So I knew Monster probably snuck some “treasures” past me that were now stuck in the vacuum. Today during Monster’s nap, I took a look. This is what I found stuck in the hose:

Yep, all this was in the vacuum

In my defense, I don’t know where Monster found any of those items! Guess I really need to go through the house and make sure everything small enough to fit in the vacuum hose is out of his reach.Yikes!

Pretty sure this wasn’t covered in the trouble-shooting section of our vacuum’s instruction manual,haha.



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