Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Every once in a while I will give Monster some paper and a box of crayons, just to see if he has any interest in them. Usually he makes a few lines on the paper before losing interest in coloring and instead moves on to taste testing the crayons.

Today seemed like a good day to bring out the paper and crayons for another round of “coloring.” I couldn’t find the crayons, but I did find a box a non-toxic, washable markers. Against my better judgement I decided to give them to Monster to try out.

Monster quickly discovered that it was much more fun to color on himself rather than on the paper. Ironically though, he got really upset when he realized his hands were green. Thankfully, a quick wash in the sink and all was right with his world again. 🙂

Testing out the markers

Thinking up his next masterpiece

How did this get here?!?!


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