Cooling Off

The weather here has been 90° F and up the past few days. Since our air-conditioner doesn’t seem to be working right now (first world problem, I know…) we set up a sprinkler to help Monster cool off a bit. He liked putting his hands and feet in it, but wasn’t keen on getting his face wet. Maybe he’ll warm up to it more as the summer progresses…

Yay! Water!

Dad first…


All in



2 thoughts on “Cooling Off

  1. This is really cute. I can relate to Lucas not wanting to get his face wet. I can’t even get Jake in a pool, and if Chrissy’s boys splash him, he has to wipe his face dry every time. Jake can’t stand wearing a bathing suit, and he has to wear a shirt. I think I’ll need to get him a wet suit. Wouldn’t that be a sight.

    • Yes, I’ve thought about getting Lucas a wetsuit as well because he hates it when i put sunblock on him. Unfortunately, i think he’d prefer to be naked, so I’m not sure how he’d take to the wetsuit!

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