The Joys of Home Ownership

The Monster household recently purchased our very first house! While we’re very excited, we’ve quickly learned that the old adage about there never being a lack of work to do around the house is so true.

The previous owner’s attempts at lack of home maintenance has meant that there’s a plethora of home improvement projects for us to work on. P has been great and has done a TON of work already.

 In the less than a month that we’ve been here, P has already cut down multiple trees, dug a trench, and begun drafting designs for a raised garden bed for next year. Our yard has a drainage problem (hence the trench), so P has been busy devising a plan to fix-it. He’s still working it out, but we’ll be leveling out and re-grading the yard later this summer, in addition to removing some more trees to fix the drainage problem. More to come on this topic as this project progresses. 🙂

This unsightly tree is no longer, thanks to P

Monster loves the trench

Seriously. He would play in it all day if I let him.

Since P has already volunteered to take care of all the heavy-lifting projects for the yard (much to my relief!), I’ve taken on the task of improving the aesthetic appeal of our yard. Sadly Luckily, no matter what I do, I can’t make it worse – it can only get better from here!

My first goal for the summer is to remove all the small trees that have been growing in the “flower bed” areas for the past several years. Next up is to prune all the dead branches off the trees and bushes as well as remove the “shooters” from the bottom of what I believe is some kind of apple tree. We’re also going to plant some pumpkins, watermelon, and hot peppers in the flower bed next to the sidewalk, just need to pick up a bag of topsoil. I realize I’m not planting any of these items at the appropriate growing time, but we figured it couldn’t hurt to try.

There are at least 4 small trees just in this tiny patch!!

Anyone know what kind of tree this is?

Looks like we have lots of weeds…

I’ll then spend the rest of the summer plotting and planning what to plant in all the flower beds in the fall. Since I won’t have lots of time for planting and weeding anytime soon (especially since we’re planning on planting a vegetable garden next year), I’m going to plant a lot of perennial plants. My mom has a ton of irises in her yard – and I absolutely adore those flowers, so she’s agreed to give me some of her iris tubers this fall. While I’m at it, I’m also going to take some of her mint – it’s supposed to be a “natural deterrent” for ants, so that will get planted by both the front and back done. Now that Monster is mobile and curious about everything, I’ve had to throw away all our ant traps, because I didn’t want those toxic chemicals anywhere near him. And if the mint doesn’t work we’ll at least have plenty of mint of readily available next summer for mojito’s . 😉

 I’ve also got a clipping of a P’s mom’s lilac bush. Assuming I can keep it alive through the winter, that will get planted outside next spring as well. 🙂

There is a HUGE patch of tiger lilies already in our flower beds. I’m planning on digging those up this fall and spreading them throughout the beds.

The rest of the perennial plants will be most likely be determined by what’s on sale/clearance this fall. Need to do some research on what will grow best in our combination of sun and shade.

What are some of your favorite perennials?


9 thoughts on “The Joys of Home Ownership

  1. One of my favorite perennials is Liriope muscari .
    Good in a border or just a group fo them together.
    Hardly any maintenance – important for me 🙂 – AM

    Tried and True Recommended by 7 Professionals

    Common Name: lily turf

    Type: Herbaceous perennial

    Family: Ruscaceae

    Zone: 5 to 10

    Native Range: China, Taiwan, Japan

    Height: 1 to 1.5 feet

    Spread: 0.75 to 1 feet

    Bloom Time: August to September

    Bloom Color: Lavender

    Bloom Description: Lavender

    Sun: Full sun to part shade

    Water: Medium

    Maintenance: Low

    Tolerates: Drought, Air Pollution, Deer, Rabbits

    Uses: Erosion Control

    • Thanks – I think you’re right! There are tiny little red fruit that keep falling off the tree. They’re so small we couldn’t figure out if they were crab apples or cherries. Guess this means if we want decent fruit we better plant another cherry tree…

  2. Congratulations on your new home–such an exciting time! I find that gardening associations often have benefit sales in late spring and have picked up a lot of nice perennials at a reasonable price there. I am definitely big on perennials (a few annuals go in a pot by the door or hang from the garage) because life is always busy!

    • Thanks – and thanks for the tip! I’ll have to keep that in mind next spring! Now that I think about spring is probably a better time to find perennials in general… 🙂

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