I Have an Overactive Imagination

…And I’m only slightly not ashamed to admit it.

Since I can remember, I’ve always had an overactive imagination. When I was about 5 or 6, my mom started reading me The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis as a bedtime story. She had to stop part way through the second book, because I told her it “gave me exciting dreams” which she interpreted to mean nightmares.

I’ve found that lack of sleep only enhances this trait. Last week, P and I watched an episode of “Doctor Who” on Netflix before bed. Without giving too much away (in case you’re thinking of watching the show), in the episode we watched it turned out one of the characters who had been moving and talking had actually been dead for most of the scene. The episode summed it up as “there are some things that can’t be explained”.

As I lay in bed trying to fall asleep that night – I just couldn’t shake that scene. It creeped me out. So even though I was exhausted, I couldn’t fall asleep. Now, for those unfamiliar with the show – let’s just say its British acting and horrible props/visual effects – so the fact that this show was able to keep me up at night is pretty pathetic, on my part. In the light of the day the next morning I was able to laugh it off, but I lost a couple of hours of sleep that night that I’ll never get back thanks to this overactive imagination of mine (insert embarrassed face).

And let’s not even talk about last night. Monster was waking up almost every hour (at least it felt like it). He kept kicking his blankets off and I think he was waking up because he was cold. Anyway, after the first couple hours, I started having bizarre dreams in which Monster turned into a spinach space alien child (right before going to bed last night I made a salad for dinner tonight). So the rest of my night’s sleep was probably as restless as Monster’s. Do you know how confusing it is to have your child constantly morph between normal looking toddler and a spinach space alien all night, haha. *Sigh*

So pretty please Monster, don’t inherit your momma’s overactive imagination! I don’t think I can handle more than one.

Spinach or Swiss Chard Space Alien?


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