No Pants Party

It’s been noted by several people that Monster doesn’t ever seem to wear pants.

It’s true.

The only time I put pants on Monster is if we’re going out. And the only reason I do that is because I don’t want to be slowed down while we’re running errands by well-meaning strangers asking why he’s not wearing pants. Monster does a great job of slowing me down while we’re out and about – he definitely doesn’t need any help with that.

In my defense, Monster is a  very feisty, rambunctious boy. Most days, changing his diaper feels like an Olympic sport, so I’m not interested in holding him down longer just to put some pants on him. And anyway, his diapers are so cute – who needs pants on when you’re wearing one of those? 😉

And so, since I seem to post a disproportionate amount photos of Monster sans pants – here are some photos of Monster actually wearing pants.

Pants…but no shirt

Monster and his beloved firetruck

Helping to pack

You’re going to let me drive – right, Mom?


2 thoughts on “No Pants Party

  1. Oh look , I see in the fire truck picture he has a push-popper toy , doesn’t get much more like a vacuum than that ! What a stinkin cutie pie 🙂

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