15 Months Old!

This past Sunday, Monster turned 15 months. Here are his latest stats from his 15 month check-up earlier this week:

  • Weight: 22 lbs, 3 oz (down slightly from his 1 year check-up)
  • Height: 31.5″ (he’s almost half my height now – yikes!)
  • Head Circumference: 48 cm (I think, I never really pay attention to this stat…)

Monster is growing and learning every day – it’s amazing to see! He can say close to 2 dozen words, although only P and I can probably understand some of them (does it still count as a word then?). He’s also very mechanical, although he gets frustrated quickly when his little fingers and hands can’t quite do what he wants them to. But his fine motor skills are improving. The other day he figured out how to put an allen wrench correctly into the socket of a bolt. He was thrilled!

He also seems to understand a ton of what we’re saying (guess that means we need to be careful what we say!). At lunch I gave him a banana. He likes to carry them around and snack on them. About a half an hour later we were playing in his room and I realized I hadn’t seen the banana in a while. I decided to go look for it, as I wasn’t too excited at the prospect of finding it decomposing in a day or two. Lately, Monster has taken to “putting things away” – which means he likes to store his toys in whatever drawers and cabinets he can open. After scanning the kitchen, dining room, and living room without seeing any signs of the banana, I asked Monster where he put his banana. I wasn’t actually expecting him to respond in any way, but he came out of his room, walked into the kitchen, opened a drawer, removed the banana and handed it to me. How cool is that? I was floored.

On the flip side, Monster has been cutting molars for several months now and it looks like his fourth molar is on its way in. Which means sleeping this week (for all of us) has been poor. On top of that the weather has been pretty hot – so between that, his molars, and lack of sleep, Monster has been pretty cranky this week. Basically, every other time Monster is told “no” he dissolve into a crying/screaming fit – because he’s tired and his gums hurt. Those are the breaks, though. 😉 Here’s hoping the molar cuts through soon so we can all get back to sleep.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope if you’ve got hot weather this week you’re staying cool!

Monster in a Box


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