Pool Time

We took Monster to the pool a couple of weeks ago. He loved it last year, but he also LOVED the bath last summer as well. For the past few months bath time has been hit or miss, so we weren’t sure how he’d take to it this year.

After a few minutes of uncertainty, it turns out Monster still loves the pool. This year was different in that he tried out a few paddle moves, after watching some of the older kids swimming around. He also wasn’t happy until he got to take a dip in the deep end – again I think this was due to him seeing older kids in that section of the pool. Monster is constantly forgetting he’s still a little tike…

Hmm…not sure about this…

This is great!

Paddling in the deep end with daddy

Looks like Monster has a new favorite activity. Needless to say, we’ll definitely be going back to the pool this summer!

What is your child’s (or your) favorite summer activity?



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