Slap Happy

As of late, Monster has deemed that sleeping is unnecessary. It is especially unnecessary at night.

Monster has countered my attempts to provide a peaceful and calming environment leading up to naptime/bedtime by acting more and more crazy the more tired he becomes. He will run around and around, laughing manically wildly at anything and everything remotely funny. He even suddenly becomes ticklish. And he wants to play with his toys. Not the spatulas, not the food processor, or any other inappropriate-for-toddlers household item as per usual, but his very own toys. Without a doubt Monster is tired. I can only assume he is afraid of missing something  and is attempting to keep himself awake by constantly moving and making noise. Because the other option is that he’s secretly trying to take over the house and doesn’t want to miss his chance to overthrow me. Hmm…

I’d like to be mad at him for trying to subvert my attempts to get him to sleep. He’s just too darn funny when he’s slap happy – it’s hard to be mad at him when he’s acting like a ham.

Tired eyes or Asian eyes? So hard to tell...

You want me to nap? Haha! I'm going to play with these tools instead!



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