Monster In a Box

Monster accidentally fell into an open box today. And when I say accidentally, what I really mean is that he walked into me and fell over – and the box just happened to be perfectly placed to catch him.

Hysterically Sadly, I didn’t initially realize that Monster had fallen into the box. I was preoccupied with looking at Facebook (sorry Monster), and he walked into me from behind. He wasn’t too upset about it at first, he just kept kicking my legs, which I thought was odd and that’s what caused me to look to see what he was doing.

I couldn’t stop laughing and had to take a picture. By this point Monster was not amused that I was not immediately helping him out of the box. Sorry kid, you’re just too funny sometimes!

Now is not a good time for a picture, Mom!

And in case you’re starting to worry about Monster’s well being while I’m watching him, P was home when this happened. He happened to be busy sleeping on the couch though and missed the whole incidence. Even Monster’s pleas for help while I was busy taking his picture were not enough to rouse P, who was sleeping a few feet away from the aforementioned box. 😉


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