My Little Monkey

Monster has been experiencing separation anxiety since he was about 7 months old or so. The last month or two its gotten more noticeable when we’re around others. Mostly it’s dependent on how close to nap/bedtime it is, or if it’s one of the days I work.

At such times, when someone else tries to hold Monster, he’ll cling to me as tight as he can – he reminds me of a little monkey when he does this. Sometimes it’s frustrating, but it also warms the cockles of my heart, knowing he’s so attached to me (literally and figuratively, haha). I know it’s something he’ll grow out of within the next year, so I try to enjoy it, despite how much I’d like him to be held by someone else so I can have a break. On days I work it’s pretty much “game over” from the moment I pick him up from my parents up until he goes to bed – I’m either constantly holding him or he’s got a firm grip on my finger and is pulling me along with him on his explorations. My little monkey won’t let me out of his sight.

Ironically, his separation anxiety is the worst around people he knows. I don’t understand why – the only theory I can come up with is that he’s afraid I’m going to leave him, since that does occasionally happen. When we go to the store, Monster is happiest walking ahead of me, waving to other shoppers, and trying to touch everything he can. It doesn’t bother him one bit if he happens to walk out of my view (don’t worry, I keep a close watch on him all the time when we’re out!). I’ve been seriously contemplating buying one of those “child” leashes to make sure he stays close when we’re out and about. Then he would really look like a little monkey!

That Monster…always doing the opposite of what I expect.

My Little Monkey

Cheesin' for the camera


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