Learning To Not Share

Monster and I recently started attending a “Mom and Tots” group at our church. Right now, all the other tots are either still babes in arms (6 months old or younger) or older toddlers (2 years and up). I didn’t really have a problem with it, since children Monster’s age are still really too young to play with each other. We’ve continued to go though because Monster seems to enjoy it (it’s always fun to play with someone else’s toys instead of your own – right?!?!) and it also gives me a chance to make new mommy friends. So it’s a win-win for both of us.

At the first few play dates, some of the older kids would walk over and take whatever toy Monster was playing with away from him. Monster never seemed to mind, he’d just find another toy and continue playing.  Unfortunately that’s no longer the case. Now if someone else tries to take the toy he’s playing with, Monster fights back. He’ll tug on the toy, push the other child, and scream rather than relinquish the toy. I must admit that initially I was proud of him – Monster wasn’t going to let the bigger kids push him around. Good for Monster! Now however, I’m eating humble pie, as not only has Monster learned to stand his ground, but he’s also starting to try to take other kid’s toys away from them. While I recognize that all kids go through this stage at some point, I was hoping it would be another year or two before Monster reached this stage.

I could deal with his new-found greediness if it was limited to our once a week mom and tots play date. However, one of his new favorite activities is playing with our neighbor’s toys. it’s gotten so bad that when this little girl comes outside to play, she starts to cry if she sees Monster. No matter how many toys of his I bring out, he only wants to play with hers. Unless of course, she starts to play with his toys. Then he tries to take his toy away from her.  So now I’m the mom of THAT kid. You know, the one who takes your kids toys. And makes them cry. *Sigh*

Monster hoarding his toys

I’m so looking forward to him growing out of this stage, although P assures me it will last the rest of his life. keeping my fingers crossed that he’s wrong about that…Any suggestions for speeding this stage along?


6 thoughts on “Learning To Not Share

    • He knows the word no, but chooses to ignore it. So far brute force works best in having him return toys back to their rightful owner.

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