Spring Is Here!!

The weather here in Western PA has been unseasonably warm lately. I’m not complaining, we’ve been loving it! Hopefully it continues to stick around – part of me is still anxious that we’ll end up getting a freak snow storm at the end of April to make up for all the nice weather we’ve been enjoying.

Yesterday, Monster and I went on a nature walk. Somehow I either never noticed or forgot all the amazing sights spring has to offer. Monster didn’t really care too much about all the plants I was showing him, but it was still super fun to point things out to him. He was just happy to be outside.

Here are some of the beautiful spring sights we saw:

Pine cone buds! Aren't they stunning?

Helicopters! (aka maple seeds) Never actually noticed them in the spring before...

We ended our nature walk with one of Monster’s favorite games – Peekaboo!

Monster is really good at hiding

There's Monster!


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