A Musical Prodigy?

Let me just preface this post by saying I think all child are gifted and/or have a special talent. Some gifts are just discovered sooner than others. And despite what P says – I’m not a mompetitor!!

At what age can you determine if your child is gifted or has a special talent? I googled this question and found a lot of interesting answers, but none of them really answered this question to my satisfaction.

Monster has always displayed an affinity for music, and over the past couple weeks he’s begun humming sings and simultaneously dancing to them at the same time. For all I know, every toddler does this. Monster is our first child, so I really don’t know what the typical timeline is for these activities. And he’s my child, so of course I think his newly acquired skill is the most amazing thing ever!

I’m also biased because when Monster was 4 or 5 months old he spent a good portion of his waking moments bouncing up and down. If music was playing he would bounce in-time to the music. A lovely elderly lady at church noticed this and told me Monster is musically gifted. She’s a former music teacher, so she should know, right? 😉 I didn’t put much stock in it at the time, but thought of her comment again when Monster started humming and dancing. Maybe she was right after all! I guess only time will tell…

Monster practicing his music skillz

What do you think? Is it possible to determine musicality at such a young age?


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