Quarterly Update – New Year’s Resolutions

At the beginning of the year, I set twelve resolutions for myself. While they’re always in the back of my mind, it seems a quarterly review of my progress is a good way to keep me honest and make sure I don’t forget about them:

  1. Exercise 20 minutes a day – Sadly, nowhere close to meeting this goal. Anyone have any suggestions for exercising with an active toddler in tow?
  2. Eat less sweets. – I think I’ve been eating more this year. Yikes! I really need to stop though, too much sugar really disagrees with my mood.
  3. Read “The Art of Happiness”. – Read about three chapters in January. I think I’m going to have to re-read them the next time I pick this book up again – it’s been too long. *Sigh*
  4. Start and finish Monster’s Christmas stocking. – Hasn’t happened yet. But there are still plenty of shopping days left until Christmas. 😉
  5. Get organized. – Working on it! Slowly getting rid of items we don’t need while simultaneously creating a good organization system.
  6. Sign up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). – Planning on signing up for one this week. Have it narrowed down to two, just need to decide and sign-up. Looking forward to enjoying fresh, local produce this summer and fall. 🙂
  7. Do a better job of keeping in touch with friends and family. – Working on it. Some weeks are better than others.
  8. Surprise a stranger by doing something kind. – Not yet. Tossing around a couple of ideas in my head.
  9. Knit a pair of socks. – Waiting for the weather to turn cooler to start this project. 🙂
  10. Cook/bake a new recipe once a week. – Yes! Finally I goal I’ve been meeting. When I made this goal I was hoping to document the cooking process/baking process and post about it, but I haven’t gotten to that point yet. Can I just say that supercook.com and marthastewart.com are currently two of my most favorite websites?!?! They are AMAZING when it comes to new, easy to prepare recipes.
  11. Learn to hem. – I really need to learn how to do this, especially considering the hem has come out of two new pair of pants recently. Suggestions for learning this skill, anyone? Classes, youtube, self-training books? Hit me with your suggestions.
  12. Potty train Monster. – Starting the process. Am I insane? Probably. If Monster is potty trained by the end of the year it’ll totally be worth it though.

Let’s see – the year is a quarter over and I haven’t managed to finish a quarter of my goals yet. That’s alright, the year’s still young, I’ve got time to play catch-up. 🙂


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