Snow Day

This past weekend we got several inches of snow. By Monday however, the latest cold spell has snapped and the snow was starting to melt.

Monster loves being outside, but this winter we’ve been spending most of our time indoors. On Monday, Monster kept walking over to the door and looking outside. It was bright and sunny – and most importantly – WARM! Seemed like the perfect day for playing in the snow, so we got bundled up and headed out.

I love it out there!

I know this slides open...

Monster’s played in the snow a few other times this winter. Each time he’s not sure what to make of it initially, but after a couple of minutes he warmed up to it.

He had a blast playing in the snow (although he fussed until I took his mittens off – crazy baby)! Of course, after being in the snow for a little while, he was ready to move on a something different. He wasn’t ready to go inside quite yet, so we took a walk around the block and soaked up some of the bright sunshine. Such a treat this time of year! 🙂

Hmm - I'm not sure I want to be out here after all.

Never mind - I love the snow!


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