Monster’s Fallen And…

As you all know by now, Monster is a ridiculous baby.

Case in point, Monster learned to walk before he could crawl. Now that he can walk though, he’s decided that he’ll crawl now too. I suspect he’s been able to crawl for a while, but for whatever reason he was holding out on us.

Monster does neither of these things when he doesn’t want to though. Instead, he asks to be carried around. After all, if he spent too much time walking or crawling he might tire himself out – and then instead of his usual 20 minute nap he’d nap for an hour or two. And if he napped for an hour or two, he might miss something. You know, like mom folding laundry or prepping dinner. Who’d want to miss that??

Lately, however, Monster has been doing really well at walking and crawling where he wants to go. Which has led to Monster having some pretty funny slip and falls recently. Usually when this happens his modus operandi is to cry until you come pick him up. However, he’s tried to get up himself recently, only to find himself stuck under whatever object he was using to support himself. This has largely been due to the clothing he was wearing at the time. Eventually, Monster just decides to go for a roll and gets himself out that way.

It’s so fun watching him learn and grow and figure things out for himself!

This floor is too slippery

What!?! Not again!

It's ok - I've got this figured out now


2 thoughts on “Monster’s Fallen And…

  1. I’m commenting on an old post-Monster’s desire for onions could be hereditary-not to sound likea depression baby, but I wasnt opposed to peeling onions & lemons for treats; sprinkling them with salt or sugar(for treats) I’m not old enough to be a depression baby , but my parents became adults during the depression, so I was privy to such culinary delights as baked bean sandwiches(yummy), and boiled pork rind(need teeth for that shoe leather) in addendum; that rocking chair was made by one of my great grandfathers. Tata for now

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