Momma’s Little Helper

Monster loves to “help” out around the house. Usually, this involves Monster unfolding clean laundry, “reorganizing” Daddy’s school notes, and rearranging our DVD collection.

One chore Monster actually helps out with is vacuuming. For whatever reason, he just loves the vacuum. Maybe it’s the light on the base of the vacuum when it’s on? When I need to vacuum, Monster will sit on the floor and happily watch me run the vacuum back and forth.

Vacuuming is fun!

We put away our Christmas decorations several weeks, but our Christmas wreath was still hanging on our door. This wouldn’t be a problem, except it was a live wreath, so every time we open and close the door, both out entryway floor and the floor outside are showered with pine needles. It seems nice, but boy does it make a mess!

Now, I must admit it was my fault the wreath was still hanging on the door. P wanted/offered to take it out to the trash several times, but I kept telling him I wanted to remove the decorations (pine cones, fake berries, and bow) first. Despite his repeated reminders, I somehow never got around to removing the decorations until earlier this week. And before you ask, throwing it out before removing the decorations wasn’t even a remote possibility. 😉 I HAD to save them, so that sometime in the future when Monster is older, we can make our own Christmas wreath together – and we’ll already have decorations for it. (I know what you’re thinking – how thrifty and eco-friendly, right? Haha – I’m sure those are your exact thoughts right now. :-P)

Monster helped me remove everything – and boy did we make a mess! There were dried pine needles everywhere! After we got all the decorations off, I started vacuuming all the needles up – only to clog the vacuum. Whoops! I just couldn’t seem to get it unclogged, so I ended up sweeping everything up with a broom, as best I could. Monster was very helpful – he kept picking pine needles up and handing them to me. I was so proud of him for not trying to eat them!

Look at this mess!

Here Mom - found another pine needle.

If I’d been thinking, I would have saved all the dried up pine needles and made some scented satchels with them. Darn! Maybe I’ll remember next year…

P.S. Sorry for the lack of posts lately! Between fighting off a stomach bug, attempting to keep the house clean, and house-hunting – there just isn’t enough time in the day. Hopefully going forward I’ll be able to consistently post several times a week.


2 thoughts on “Momma’s Little Helper

  1. Ok , just to be helpful – next time put the wreath on a sheet , then take the decorations off … and all you have to do is shake the sheet outside – no mess ! 🙂

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