My Favorite Time of Year

It’s that time of year again – tax return time!

Is it sad that I love doing our tax return? (Please don’t answer that!) As soon as the first tax form arrives in the mail, I find myself looking forward to getting the mail everyday. I’m like a kid counting down the days until Christmas, except I’m counting down the number of tax forms that still need to arrive.

Although we always get our first form sometime during the first week of January, inevitably the last form never seems to arrive until January 31st (curse you, procrastinators).

This past weekend, I completed our federal and state tax returns. You can chalk it up to my Libertarianism, I suppose, but it rankles me that the government is “borrowing” our money interest free. It’s a pet peeve of mine, so you better believe I get our refund back as quickly as possible! It’s probably petty of me, but considering how horrible the government is at managing their spending, our tax refund is in much better hands when it’s returned to us. 😛

This was our first year claiming Monster on our tax return – and he was dressed for the occasion.

I'm smiling 'cuz your smiling

What's a tax deduction?

What’s your pet peeve?


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