Why I Don’t Want Anymore Children, Ever

Last night was rough. Currently, I’d rank it as the second worse day of my life since bringing Monster home from the hospital.

Monster woke up at 3:00am crying. No amount of cuddling, walking, or feeding could calm him down. He was having none of it. Finally, I began to suspect that Monster was in need of a diaper change. It wasn’t really wet, but there was a little bit of poop in it – I figured that was the culprit. I was just putting the a diaper on when Monster unleashed a horrible gush of explosive diarrhea. Somehow, all of it managed to end up in the diaper, but Monster began wriggling around and managed to get his feet in it. Yuck. Luckily/unluckily he had socks on, so the *immediate* clean-up was quick and easy. Monster soon settled back down to sleep.

This episode however, was just the beginning. Monster continued to have these hurl inducing BMs half the morning. After several uneventful hours, I thought we were finally in the clear, so Monster and I ventured out to the mall to make some returns. Monster loved our outing, but unfortunately the diarrhea returned. YUCK!

Finger crossed that was the end of it and we don’t have a replay of it tonight!

Note to future self – one child is plenty. Don’t want to repeat a night like this!!

Monster's expression sums up my emotions last night



One thought on “Why I Don’t Want Anymore Children, Ever

  1. AWWW Lynn:

    This moment will pass . There are so many more happy ones to take one miserable ones place. I’m sure you will agree!
    Hope Monster feels better. Must have been something he ate!!!

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