Monster Terrorizes the Monster Next Door

Ever since we moved in to our current abode, P has been talking about the “Monster Next Door.” This monster is nothing less than a house cat. It seemed whenever P was home alone, this cat would inevitably escape and scratch at our door. P would answer the door and be greeted by this large, furry cat who would then proceed to try to make his way into our apartment. Every time this happened P would rant and rave about this monstrous cat. Except for a quick glance here and there through the window, I never saw this cat and would tease P that he was having delusions.

Well, a couple of nights ago, Monster and I finally encountered P’s nemesis. And our little Monster won (sort of). The encounter went something like this: Monster looks at monstrous cat, monstrous cat looks at Monster. Monster squeals with delight and begins running towards the cat as fast as his little legs will go (with some assistance from Momma, of course). Monstrous cat hightails it back instead. Neighbor laughs chuckles gleefully (I get the impression he doesn’t like the cat).

It was so cute! The down side though is that now Monster knows there is a cat next door. And he wants to play with him, so he tries to knock on their door every to we go for a walk now.


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