Am I Creating a Monster?

I’m not sure if it’s Monster’s age right now or just the fact that we’ve been cooped up inside so long lately, but he has been doing some really funny things!

Tonight he discovered that he could make lots of noise by opening and banging shut the kitchen cabinet doors. Then he realized he could make even more noise by opening and shutting TWO cabinet doors at the same time. Imagine his glee when he realized how much noise he could make by slamming two cabinet doors shut and happily yelling at the same time! I’ll admit, when he got to that point I couldn’t help but laugh! He spent a lot of time tonight in this activity. He has  surprisingly good rhythm – he slammed both doors shut at pretty much the same time, every time. In the very near future, I’m probably going to regret letting him do this with the doors.

I’ve already mentioned his love affair with lights. Some days, when we need a break from being inside, we walk up to the third floor of our apartment building so we can look out the window to the parking lot below – and also stare at the mesmerizing chandelier that is suspended from the ceiling. He gets so excited…even though we are many feet away from the chandelier, he puts his hand out and tries to reach it. Most of the time he also wants to walk up the stairs himself, so I help him “climb” up the stairs.

Sometimes I think I shouldn’t let him do these things. For starters – what if he gets loose, climbs the stairs and takes a horrible tumble? Not to mention the temper tantrum he throws when we don’t spend long enough on either of these activities.

Right now, I justify these activities with the fact that soon the cabinet doors will be “child-proofed” with safety locks…and Monster is too short right now to reach the door knobs, so he can’t get to the third floor without my help. Hopefully by the time he figures out how to remove the safety lock and can open doors, these activities will no longer hold the allure for him that they currently do.


P.S. Sorry for the lack of pictures lately! Hope to update this weekend with some more posts/pictures. 🙂


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