10 Months Old

Today is Monster’s 10 month birthday! It’s hard to believe in a couple more months he’ll be one. The time really has gone by very fast!

At 10 months, Monster is already:

  • Walking unassisted (just started though, so he can only do 5-6 steps before falling over)
  • Standing up unassisted
  • Pulling himself up on anything and everything
  • Sort of crawling
  • Gabbing up a storm
  • Eating solids, sometimes
  • Has 6 teeth already

I can honestly say that Monster is getting more fun by the day. He’s taken a reprieve from cutting teeth, as a result he’s even been sleeping better at night! Fingers crossed that he doesn’t get another tooth for a while!

This evening we went to the local La Leche League monthly meeting. There were several other babies close in age to Monster – he had a ball with them! Got me thinking that maybe I should try to find a local play group for Monster so he has some friends to run around with. šŸ™‚


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