Monster’s First Steps!

Yesterday Monster took his first unassisted steps!!  Yay! 😀

It was too cute, really. I was switching some laundry between the washer and dryer and getting another load ready for the wash. Monster was standing near me, using the laundry detergent bottle to balance himself. While I was working, I kept glancing over at him to make sure he was ok. Somehow he managed to remove the child-proof cap from the laundry detergent bottle (this is not the first time he’s done that). Luckily, I noticed it quickly and was able to put it back on before we had a gigantic mess of detergent everywhere.

After a little bit he got bored with holding onto the detergent, so he let go and was just standing on his own. He’s done this before as well, and we’ve been trying to get him to walk to us when he does. So I crouched down, threw my arms out, and started talking to him. He took a tentative half step, seemed to realize he’d done that all by himself, then took four more steps to get to me! It was awesome! Later, he took another couple of steps unassisted.

We already had planned to go look at a couple of houses when P was done with work yesterday. We tried to record Monster walking when we got back from our latest house hunting expedition, but it was getting to close to Monster’s bedtime, so he was too tired to walk for the camera. Hopefully later today we’ll be able to capture it on video to share with everyone. 🙂

Soon Monster Will Be Playing Soccer!

Standing on My Own – No Big Deal

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