The Highlight of My Day

Warning: If you’re eating or weak of stomach you probably don’t want to read this post.

The most exciting thing to happen today was that Monster pooped! Sad – right?

Monster typically has pretty regular bowel movements. However, it’d been 8 days since the last time he went number 2. We were starting to get a little bit worried, even though internet searches assured us that some healthy babies go 7 -10 days with a BM. And his gas was getting really stinky. Seriously, he could clear a room.

I was holding off on calling the pediatrician until tomorrow. So I was determined to do everything I possibly could today to help Monster out. So, this morning when he woke up, I started bicycling his legs and giving his belly a massage. While he enjoyed it, it didn’t do anything. We played for a while then I took his temperature rectally, as the internet assured me that would always do the trick. Again, nothing. So, more bicycling and belly massages. Monster was starting to get tired of my antics. Next up, I consumed a large amount of vitamin C, as I read that might help as well. Still nothing…by 1:30 I had given up hope and resigned my.

Then, at around 3:30 he FINALLY pooped. And I didn’t realize it for a good 10 minutes, haha. He was playing on the floor was I was getting a few chores done. I went over to check on him and noted a foul odor, but thought it was just gas. I came back again a few minutes later, and he still stunk. Sadly, I was really happy about this – as it meant I could stop worrying about his BMs, at least for now, haha.

I’ll spare the details about the diaper change. Let’s just say it was rather messy as he was obviously making up for lost time. P was supposed to be home late, but his plans changed and ended up coming home at his usually time. He managed to arrive right as I was finishing cleaning everything up. Perfect timing, as always. 😛

So that was my day. The joys of motherhood….

Monster Attacking the Camera


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