The past couple weeks it has seemed like Monster is growing by leaps and bounds. Every day almost, he’s discovering how to do something new, getting better at standing by himself, and getting stronger and stronger.

Tonight, after his bath we were playing together. I was letting him have some diaper-free time, which he loves. I can’t remember exactly what we were doing, but he wanted me to pick him up, which I did. He then proceeded to give my shoulder raspberries! It was too cute! Both P and I were cracking up. He was so proud of himself, and I have to admit I was pretty proud of him too!

He’s also been getting a lot better at pulling himself up, as well as standing on his own. He can stand for about a whole minute by himself now. He’s even started to take a couple tentative steps over the past couple days – sadly I missed both attempts (P witnessed the first one while Grandma F saw the other). He hasn’t taken his first steps eyt, but definitely starting to test the waters more and more. One things for certain – I’m definitely not ready for walking yet! Although I guess once he starts it will definitely help me with my New Year’s resolution to exercise 20 minutes a day. 😉

It’s been a joy to be with Monster these past couple weeks. While I’m so proud of his development, it’s really starting to feel like he’s no longer a baby and right on the cusp of toddlerhood. I’m excited for all that will bring, but I’m also a little bit sad he’s no longer a baby. While it felt like an eternity at the time, the past 10 months has gone by so fast!


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