Monster’s Latest Haircut

When Monster was born he had A LOT of hair.

One Week Old Monster (Photographic Evidence of Monster's Hair)

Many people told us it would all fall out. I’d never heard of this phenomenon before, but quite frankly, the prospect freaked me out. Luckily for me (and my already shaky nerves) and Monster, he kept all his luscious locks. His hair has just continued to grow – and grow – and grow…

Monster and His Hair at 6 Months

Monster and his side-swept bangs at 9 Months

I was trying to hold off until his one year birthday to give him his first haircut (I’m told that’s what parents usually do), but he had a mullet and I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I cut his hair right before Thanksgiving. I tried not to go too crazy since the weather was getting colder. Apparently the inch I trimmed off the front of his hair wasn’t enough, because lately his bangs keep covering his eyes.

So yesterday I “trimmed” his bangs by about two inches. My brother M visited us yesterday, and both he and P asked me (at different times) if I cut Monster’s hair. I was so happy they noticed! I asked them if they thought it looked ok (Monster moved unexpectedly while I was cutting his bangs, so it’s not as even as I’d like it to be). And they BOTH said “Oh, I couldn’t tell, but I saw his hair in the trash can in the bathroom.”


Monster's New 'Do (Ok, maybe it is a little hard to tell I cut his bangs)


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