And Then There Was Light

Monster has recently developed a fascination with lights. I’m not sure what it is a out them, but he loves them. He’s an equal opportunity light lover – big lights, small lights, red lights, blues lights – makes no difference, he loves them all.

Sometimes, his love of lights is cute. Like when we are leaving our apartment and he arches WAY back on our way out the front door so he can look at the chandelier on the third floor until we’re out of the building. Other times, it’s rather taxing, like when he cries until you lift him up in the air so he can try to “reach” the ceiling fan lights in our dining area.

As with all things, I’m sure this too will pass….eventually. Until then, it provides a good distraction when needed, but it also can be an impediment at other times.

Has your little one developed a fascination with an inanimate object?


One thought on “And Then There Was Light

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