To Co-sleep or not to Co-sleep

Before Monster was born, I decided we would not be co-sleeping. I read so many articles about putting babies to sleep safely to avoid SIDS and they were all against co-sleeping. Monster, however, had other ideas and refused to sleep in his cradle, or anywhere else for that matter, unless it was someone’s arms or chests. It took us several sleepless nights after bringing Monster home from the hospital to realize this fact. Finally, in the interest of all of us getting a better night’s sleep (we’re still working on getting a GOOD night’s sleep), we started bed-sharing
I recently read this article about co-sleeping and wish I would have been more open-minded to this concept before Monster was born.

I can honesty say that I’ve found many of the points this article makes to be true. Every once in a while, I”ll put Monster to sleep in his crib, but inevitably end up bringing him to bed at some point during the night. This is because frequently when he’s in his crib he’ll cry when he realizes he’s alone, and quickly go back to sleep when I come in to check on him. When we’re co-sleeping we get to skip the crying he does when he realizes he’s alone. Which means more sleep for me. 🙂

Obviously, bed-sharing isn’t for everyone. And I know some people are blessed with babies who sleep straight though the night, regardless of where they’re sleeping. But for us, it’s been almost a necessity and I think it’s also helped us increase our bonding time.

Have you ended up doing something you never thought you would with you baby? What was it?

Sleeping like a baby


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