It’s snowed a few times already this winter, but none of it has stuck. We’ve gotten a couple of inches since the New Year – and it actually stuck this time!

Monster and I had been inside all day today. I could tell he was starting to get bored with my usual games, so I decided to step out onto our porch with him for a couple of minutes, so he could play with some of the snow. BIG MISTAKE! Even though it was cold outside, he wanted to go back out! I tried to distract him with some other toys, but he kept looking towards the door and crying. It was close to when P gets home from work, so I decided today was a good day to test out Monster’s snowsuit.

We got all bundled up, then headed outside to wait for Daddy. Monster loved being outside and looking at the snow. Once P got home, Monster got to “play” in the snow, by walking through it with P. He loved it!

Look at this white stuff!


He was all smiles


Can we do it again?





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