Nurse-ins, Baby-Wearing, & Granola Types

Since I hang out with the crunchy granola gang these days, I had heard about the Target nurse-in that occurred Wednesday late last week. I debated going with the Monster but decided against it for two reasons: (1) Monster would probably be way too distracted to nurse and (2) I personally have yet to have a bad “nursing in public” (NIP) experience. Which is not to say that I don’t want to support fellow breastfeeding mamas who have had bad NIP experiences. I just think that maybe Pittsburghers are more accepting of the practice – so attending a Target nurse-in here might not have as big of an impact as it would in Texas, for example.

Which has me wondering – is Pittsburgh a far more crunchy granola city than I give it credit for? It is home to the fabulous Midwife Center for Birth and Women’s Health and it has an actual cloth diapering store , where you can see and feel the diapers before purchasing them! The fact that both these institutions are around lends credence to this theory. Many of the mothers in my local La Leche League group also practice some combination of Attachment Parenting (AP), baby-led weaning, and/ or cloth diapering. Or maybe I’ve just managed to find a lot of like minded mamas in the area and my sample size is skewed. Hmm…. Either way, It makes me happy to know so many crunchy granola mamas!

While I’ve managed to NIP successfully without attracting any comments or attention, baby-wearing has been a whole different story! Almost every time I’ve worn Monster in public I’ve received comments from passer-bys. Most have just been comments of surprise or curiousity – apparently public baby-wearing isn’t that common around here (living in the ‘burbs probably has something to do with it). I can only recall two negative comments thus far – one was from a six year old boy (he told me it was “so weird”) and the other was from an Apple employee – so I didn’t pay much attention to either. And to be honest they both gave me a good laugh. 😉

While I’ve been fortunate thus far with my NIP and baby-wearing experiences, I must confess I am a little disappointed by that fact as well. Prior to Monster’s birth, I spent a lot of time studying up on breastfeeding and collected a nice little collection of information
to share with anyone who had the nerve to tell me to not feed my baby in public. Not that I like confrontation, but should I ever experience it, it would add a little spice to my day. 😛

What about you. Have you ever had a negative NIP experience?


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