So, Monster is pretty stubborn (wonder who he gets that from…). We tried feeding him mashed up baby food periodically, but he would always refuse it and make some pretty wonderful terrible faces during the process. So we decided to do baby-led weaning instead. Basically, you let the baby take the lead in decided when he’s ready for food and don’t try to force it. What this means is that I got to skip feeding him puree foods (which disgust me) and move straight to table food – hooray! It also means he learns to feed himself with less assistance from the get-go, which is also a plus.

We give him bite sized pieces of what we’re having (carrots, beans, peas, etc) and he’ll pick them up and eat them. We also give him a spoon as well, which he can use if wants to or ignore. He uses it about 50% of the time, although I think he just likes to bite the rubber spoon. Most of the time he prefers to pick up the food and put it in his mouth.

The other day we gave him Cheerios for the first time. While more ended up on the floor and in his seat than what he ate, it was quite enjoyable watching him with them!


Is there something on my face?

Periodically, I also give him bananas to try. So far he hasn’t taken to them. Yesterday I gave him a bunch of bite-sized pieces to eat. He mashed one piece up, put it in his mouth and swallowed. I swear he said “YUCK” right after swallowing it!! I tried to get him to eat more so I could try to capture his reaction on video, but he was having none of it – he knocked the remainder of the banana on the floor then threw his arms up and looked at me – is signal that he was finished eating and wanted to be picked-up.


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